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A challenging, uncomplicated arcade battle.

Now in Alpha!

How to play:

The gameplay is straightforward: you pilot a small boat along with some ally boats, and fight the powerful enemy warships. But there's plenty of room for error: a as a split second mistake will send you crashing into a barrage of missiles. Learn to use your weapons and master the exciting drifting controls. Protect and lead your allies in a daring deathmatch against a slow-moving but heavy-hitting team of enemies. The game gets progressively more challenging each level.


Arrow keys or IJKL or WASD - move (up for thrust, left and right for steering, and down to brake)

Mouse - the nearest enemy to the mouse pointer will be targeted

F - fire Talon launcher (auto-aimed)

E - hold to temporarily enable manual Talon aim

G - fire machine gun

R - fire mortar (manual-aim)

C - Set objective (your allies will move toward this position)

X - Release objective, your allies will fight on their own


  • You have both a shield and a hull. The shield's energy will regenerate at a constant rate as long as its power remains above zero. However, if the shield's charge is completely destroyed, it will stop regenerating. The shield will absorb projectile collisions. Effective use of your regeneration ability will let you survive harder levels!
  • To win, you have to protect your allies and allow them to regenerate, without taking too much damage yourself. Use C (set objective) to call your allies to you.
  • You can save your progress by going to the main menu > Settings > Save Game. You can also reset your save through this menu.

Changelog (Newest first)

- 0.5.x (planned): new features for naval war! more updates coming soon.

- ...

- ...

- new highlyexperimental game mode: NAVAL WAR!

- weapon system has been rewritten! hitboxes and sprite sizes have been updated! performance fixes! multiple weapons can now be simultaneously fired!

- a, powerful new weapon, the mortar, has been added. there's now a bit of helptext. Controls now use WASD, font has been changed, hitboxes have been fixed! Manual Talon aiming! Difficulty balances!

- - weapon tweaks: the Talon has been made more powerful, with a greater velocity and damage, and an increased ability to seek enemies

- 0.1.3.x-alpha: bugfixes, layout fixes, save/load game, and a new secondary weapon!

- bigger update! mouse targeting, a HUD displays health and shield, and C and X can be used to set and release objectives to better control your allies!

- add a pause screen and some keyboard shortcuts

- make the game much easier. enemies have much less health, and enemy minions shoot less frequently

More information

Published 89 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags2D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, Difficult, Physics, Shoot 'Em Up, Shooter, Space, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes


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